Cofarm is a start-up social venture based in Cambridge, UK, where we are in the process of co-creating our first community farm. You can find out more about the Cambridge community farm here.

Our Vision

By 2030 everyone in the United Kingdom will have access to local, sustainably produced food and opportunities to enjoy growing and sharing it with others.

Our Purpose

We bring people together to grow and share delicious, nutritious food and help build stronger, healthier ecosystems and communities.

Our Values

CoFarm is a values-driven social venture. Our values will act as our rudder in fair and stormy seas and our compass when the path forward is unclear.


We foster love, respect and awareness of ourselves, each other and our natural environment.


We recognise that humanity currently faces some major environmental and social challenges, but we are optimists and believe we can and will overcome these challenges together.


We think about ‘value’ in very broad terms. We continually iterate our business model to create, capture, measure and deliver maximum value to the communities we serve, our environment and our local economies.


We champion fair access to safe, nutritious and sustainably produced food and recognise this as a fundamental human right.


We celebrate diversity and understand it as vital to maintaining healthy, vibrant human communities, farming systems and natural ecosystems.

Our Strategy

Our Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking here. If it resonates with you, and you would like to work with us in delivering and helping to shape our future strategy, please hit the button below to explore partnering with us.