This survey forms part of our initial community consultation about the community farm we are starting with and for people who live in Cambridge, UK, so we can design it around community needs. The survey was launched at an open community consultation day we held at Horizon Resource Centre on Saturday 30th March and the initial consultation period closed on Tuesday 23rd April, so that we could keep up the momentum by providing a summary of the survey results to everyone who took part within a month of participating. We are using these initial survey results to help inform a draft design of the community farm and to support applications for grant funding to cover the start-up costs as well as to employ a small staff team who will help the farm to run smoothly.

However, if you have only just heard about us then you have not missed the boat! We will keep the survey open to gather your views and you are still more than welcome to take part. We will continue to use any information we collect to inform the ongoing development of the farm. If you think the community farm will be of interest to other people you know in Cambridge please do encourage them to share their views too.

The survey is anonymous and should only take a few minutes. Your answers can not be connected to you so, if you do want us to keep in touch with you to let you know how things are going, then please be sure to sign up to receive our emails.

Thank you!

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